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Whack Your Neighbor

The game Whack Your Neighbor is the latest in stress busting, ultra violent and visually basic games, based on the influential revenge play classic Whack Your Boss. The premise of the game is simple. You have an annoying neighbour. You have day-to-day gripes with your neighbor. One day, annoying neighbour does something that drives you to inflict violence such as his dog pooping on your lawn. Instead of taking this calmly, the game allows you do all you want kick,whack,damage in other words do what you want. And that is the gameplay, folks.
By using various objects around you and your imagination afforded you the opportunity to kill your hated neighbor. Despite keeping the colors simple - black, white and red - the game makers got creative in other ways. For example, history is referenced with the option to take out your neighbour with an apple and an archery set, as is more traditional ways such as death by shotgun. Other execution methods rely on pop culture or other inanimate objectives lying around the yard. A standout avenue to inflicting the ultimate revenge on your pesky is praying to God for divine intervention which comes in the form of ominous sound effects and the requisite lightning strikes.

Whack Your Neighbor flash game gives you as the gamer, plenty of versatility. In fact, the game features 32 ways to murder your irritating and irate neighbor with the majority bringing together the creative and the brutal. Don’t expect outstanding visuals or graphics. But if you’re after stress relief, in the mood for creative ways of getting the job done on your neighbor, or killing (pun intended) some time relieving daily scenarios that drive you crazy, it is hard to go past Whack Your Neighbour is the best way to vent anger and kill people and you will not go to jail.

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